How do I spend my points?

There will be a "Pay with Points" option available when it comes time to pay for your tickets. After choosing this, click "next."


Can I spend my points on any event?

The events you can use your points towards are up to the promoter. As a result, you might or might not be able to apply your points to an event.


Can I pay partly with points and partly with money?

Indeed. You can utilise the points you still have and use another payment method (credit, debit, laybuy, etc.) to cover the remaining cost of your tickets if you do not have enough points to cover them.


Can I choose exactly how many points I use in a transaction?

The number of points you utilise in a transaction will not be entirely up to you. Your entire order will be paid for with points if your point balance exceeds the total amount of the transaction. You will need to use your remaining points and use a card or laybuy to cover the remaining amount if you do not have enough points to cover the full cost of your transaction.


Can I use my points to purchase tickets for my friends?

Yes, you can use your points to buy your friends tickets. Simply choose "pay with points" and order your friend's tickets at the same time as you.